Château Climens from Barsac

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Book Premiere honoring Chateau Climens at Paris’ CCN Offices

Book Premiere honoring Chateau Climens at Paris’ CCN OfficesSauternes – Barsac wines are just magical wines vastly under-rated ! Long gone is the time they were prepared solely on their smoothness and sweetness ; some actually never were. Chateau Climens from Barsac (the twin label Sauternes-Barsac is allowed for these neighborly parcels) has an enchanting spring flavor of its own. Sauternes is inland from the Garonne on a tier-layered terrace culminating with the Grands Crus Classes. Spectacular aromas emanate from the Pyrenean graves. Barsac expands on flatter parcels between the terraces and the river. Its soil is quite different : a limestone bed, a layer of iron-oxide-rich clay sand known as ‘the Barsac red sand’ provides an acidity not found in its Sauternes brother, known for its honey, aromatic and floral accents.