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Profile of success stories in the culinary world

The Anatomy of Success’ : Each month a feature article by legendary food critic and author Naomi Barry renders an in-depth insight into a modern success story.
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L’Ami Jean…-The Paradox of…Go for a Little Less and Gain a Little More December 2010
by Naomi Barry in Paris

Restaurant  : " L’Ami Jean "

L’Ami Jean is a 50-seat Left- Bank restaurant in Paris which bounces along from success to success despite being counter current to all norms and trends...
A Tale of Intelligent Extravagance May 2010
by Naomi Barry in Paris

Alain Pegouret

Can money be made by throwing it out the window to make it come in the door ? Laurent, one of Paris’ top echelon restaurants, dared to make the pitch...
The International Specialist in Vintage Cookbooks Avril 2010
by Naomi Barry in Paris

Remi Flachard

The subject of Gastronomy like the subject of Love has been the stuff of Literature for thousands of years...
Franco American Relations via the Kitchen Door February / March 2010
by Naomi Barry in Paris

Philippe Excoffier

The American Embassy in Paris which is on the Avenue Gabriel just off the Place de la Concorde hosts its official lunches,...
The Two Gentlemen from the Rue Verneuil January 2010
by Naomi Barry in Paris

Tan-Dinh Vifian

The Is it possible to become a self taught expert of French wine ? Take a note from the Vifian brothers...
The Tale of a Fancy Cake December 2009
by Naomi Barry in Paris

La Pâtisserie Dalloyau

The most celebrated cake in France in the realm of Haute Patisserie is a Fancy Cake named Opera which made its debut on the grand Party Circuit 54 years ago...
Counter Culture :
The Success of Breaking the Rules
November 2009
by Naomi Barry in Paris

L’Atelier Robuchon

One day in August, feeling lonesome because all my friends were out of town, I decided to treat myself to lunch at l’Atelier ...
Does the Third Star Make a Difference ? October 2009
by Naomi Barry in Paris

Chef Eric Frechon at The Hotel Bristol in Paris

Eric Frechon is now seven months into his dizzying position as France’s latest 3-star Michelin chef. ...