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CCN-World organizes various culinary events, festivals, seminars throughout the world, such as the CCN-World international career day for culinary students or professional trophies, regional food fairs, etc...


CCN-World is the proud foundation sponsor and organizer of the world series of “Gastronomy by” festivals. Part of the series, Gastronomy by the Seine® is the leading landmark boutique summit for the restauration and hospitality industry professionals. Gastronomy by the Seine®, is held annually in June/July in Paris in an elegant and congenial venue along the Seine in central Paris. This international culinary summit provides a unique and relaxed networking forum focused on international business opportunities in gastronomy, featuring Round Table Discussions, Cooking Demonstrations and Classes, Book Signings, Wine and Food Tastings, a Job Corner and a Culinary School Fair...

From leading chefs, vintners, food producers, business managers, and other top business and creative minds from all areas of the industry.

Key decision makers and opinion leaders in cuisine, hospitality, restaurant ownership & management, suppliers, press & journalism, education & training, publishing, design, legal, tourism and more.

An invigorating and stimulating environment for learning, interacting with colleagues, and experiencing the culinary lifestyle of Paris.